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Advanced Distributor Products (ADP)
SEP Series Gas-Fired Propeller Unit Heaters

SEP unit heaters are proven as the most efficient and reliable gas-fired unit heaters. They deliver 80 percent thermal efficienc y and 70 percent seasonal efficiency using natural or propane gas - a new standard for savings when using gas-fired unit heaters. In addition, SEP heaters are designed to provide long, trouble free service life, proven to last during hundreds of thousands of hours in the toughest winter climates and under extreme conditions in labortory lifecycle testing.

Each heater undergoes quality checks at all stages of manufacturing, and after assembly each heater is test fired and functionality tested to provide final assurance that it is performing in accordance with ADP's rigorous quality standards.

  • Power Exhaust: All heaters have a sealed flue collector and a power exhaust system that enables conventional vertical venting or horizontal venting up to 35 feet. It also allows the option of not penetrating the roof or multiple floors. The versatile SEP series power exhaust reduces installation costs by directing the exhaust upward, left, or right.
  • Tubular Heat Exchangers: The exhangers are constructed of aluminized stell for superior resistance to corrosion and oxidation. The curving design offers complete exposure of the heating surface to corrosion and oxidation. The curving design offerece complete exposure of the heating surface to the supply air stream. Rounded surfaces minimize air resistance and permit air to surround all heat transfer surfaces for excellent heat transfer. A tubular design means lighter weight and significantly longer service life. And, tubular exchangers create less resistance to air flowing through the unit, providing higher airflow and great throw distance of the heater air to the space.
  • In-Shot Burners: These lightweight aluminized steel burners are maintenance free and nver require adjustment. The burning venturi mixes air and gas in the correct proportion for efficient combustion. The entire burner assembly is removable as one piece for ease of service.
  • Direct Spark Ignition: In combination with the 24-volt main gas valve with 100 percent shut-off for safety, the direct spark ignition control provides positive, reliable, and safe main burner ignition. This eliminates the need for a pilot light, improving system efficiency and reliability. A separate flame sensor provides main burner ignition. If loss of main burner flame should occur, the control will reinitiate ignition three times before locking out for one hour, thus reducing nuisance service calls. The unit will reinitiate ignition after the one-hour lockout.
  • Air Distribution: All models are equipped with efficient, quiet, direct-dirve propeller fans, which have been dynamically balalnced for quiet, smooth operation. Heated air flows easitly through the tubular heat exchangers and is effectively directed to the heated space by means of aerodynamically shaped outlet louvers.