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Thermax Insulation

The family of Thermax Insulation/Finish Systems is designed with an aesthetically white embossed appearance and varied surface toughness to meet your design requirements. They are suggested for exposed applications for roofing and/or walls.

The Heavy Duty Plus (HDP) is a glass fiber, reinforced polysoctanurate foam core product with nominal 16.5mm reinforced acrylic-coated aluminum sheet laminated to plain 1.0mm aluminum on one side and 1.0mm embossed plain aluminum on the other side.

Exposed Interior:

Roof/Ceiling: Attach to a truss, purlins or bar joist: Thermax can be installed exposed to the interior on the inside or outside of wood or metal purlins, trusses or bar joists.

Wall: Attach to girts: Thermax can be installed exposed to the interior on the inside or outside of the girts.

Concrete or Masonry Walls: Thermax can be installed exposed directly to the interior of masonry or concrete walls using the Thermax PVC interlock joint closure system, wood or metal furring.

Textured Surfaces:

White Acrylic-Coated Embossed Aluminum: Thermax, with a white embossed surface, has a light reflectance of 65%, which helps reduce light energy costs and enhances the work environment. The acrylic surface helps protect the structure from long-term degradation in harsh environments, which reduces long-term replacement costs.

Design Flexibility:

Thermax insulation comes in a range of thicknesses and has high R-value of 7.2 per inch. This allows for sizing to meet U-value/energy code requirements so that you can tailor the R-value and thickness to meet your design needs and minimize material costs.

Product Thickness and Stabilized R-Value

Nominal Board Thickness




1 1/4"

1 1/2"

1 3/4"


2 1/4"

2 1/2"

2 3/4"


R-Value @ 40° F. (mean temp)