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Aquaponics Curriculum

Get the most out of Classroom Aquaponics

The team at Stuppy collaborated with Polly Juong, a horticulture and aquaponics consultant from the University of AZ-CEAC, to design a 19-week STEM Aquaponics Curriculum for the greenhouse classroom. This digital format covers all aspects of aquaponics, introduces new vocabulary, poses critical thinking questions and meets Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) promoted by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). The curriculum includes 24 lesson plans based around six topics, along with six labs to guide students towards proficiency in aquaponic growing.

Curriculum Sample

Aquaponic lesson plan worksheet curriculum

Stuppy’s Aquaponics Curriculum is included with every Aqueduct system and can be sold separately. To request a sample of the first 14-pages of the Aquaponics Curriculum, including the table of contents and the entire first lesson, contact Educational Sales Representative Kaitlin Hudson at 816-285-3702 or, or send an inquiry to