Aqueduct Aquaponic Components

Because every greenhouse, facility or classroom has its own unique needs, Stuppy offers a line of components to accommodate the expansion of your Aqueduct aquaponic system, which can be tailored to the needs of your growing environment.

Swirl Clarifier

Swirl clarifier aquaponics fish tank waste filter

Our Swirl Clarifier option is designed to filter out waste, extending operation time between cleanings. The core Aqueduct will operate for up to 12 months at a time between cleanings, but it will require periodic maintenance to keep buildup of solid waste to a minimum. The Clarifier uses simple physics to trap particles, keeping most of it from flowing directly into the media bed, saving time when cleaning between fish harvests. Fewer cleanings also extend the life of your media. The Clarifier can be added to an existing system with minimal modification or shipped with a new purchase, ready to install.

Float Bed Expansion

Float Bed expansion aquaponics

Every Aqueduct comes standard with a float bed capable of growing up to 58 plants at a time. We offer an optional second bay for the Aqueduct that doubles that number to 116.

Along with the plant sites, it offers the following benefits:

  • Additional 300-gallon water capacity, so you may safely raise more fish
  • Flexible placement to accommodate any size space
  • Easy integration with existing Aqueduct system

Nutrient Film Technique

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) Bench Aquaponics

Our drop-in NFT bench is offers an alternate growing method, and is the first, ready-to-use bench for aquaponic growing. Adding another growing method allows you to gather more data, run additional experiments or grow strawberries. Its features include:

  • 6 total NFT channels, for up to a maximum of 54 additional plant sites
  • Drop-in installation: all it takes is two hoses to get it running with your existing Aqueduct
  • Flexible placement: the NFT can be placed in line with your existing Aqueduct or can rotate to fit elsewhere in your greenhouse

Heater Package

Aquaponic heater water temp

For growers operating a system in an environment that will be consistently less than 65 F or using DIF to control plant height in the greenhouse, a heater is a must-have. The kit includes a 1.5kw in-line heater capable of raising the water temperature of the Aqueduct up to 10 F above ambient temperature, and all the PVC fittings needed to attach it to the system. The PVC fitting allows you to isolate the heater from the main system during maintenance.

Lighting Package

Aquaponic grow lights High-Pressure Sodium Lighting (HPS)

High-Pressure Sodium Lighting (HPS)

If you are operating the Aqueduct in a greenhouse and need supplemental lighting for teaching, we suggest HPS lighting, which reduces shadows and is a smaller size than other lighting options.

Agrobrite T5 fluorescent lighting custom bench

Fluorescent Lighting

Agrobrite T5 fluorescent lighting and our custom designed lighting bench are ideal for greenhouse growing systems.

Agrobrite LED grow lights aquaponics

LED Lighting

LED lighting has many benefits for greenhouse growing: they are energy efficient with increased light output than other methods, while also allowing better temperature control since LED has reduced heat build-up.

Electrical Conductivity (EC) Meter

Aquaponic Electrical Conductivity (EC) Meter

Aquaponic growing requires careful monitoring of water quality, including pH, ammonium nitrate, nitrate levels and the electrical conductivity of the water. Measuring this allows growers to access a wealth of data about the health of the Aqueduct, while offering students a wider range of experimental data. For example, measuring EC levels (the dissolved salts in a solution), lets students tracking these levels determine total hardness and alkalinity and how to correlate EC with the amount of available system nutrients. Our EC Meter can be sold separately or bundled with an Aqueduct.