Custom Educational Greenhouse Benches

Educational Greenhouses

When the greenhouse is your classroom, it’s good to know Stuppy.

We understand the needs of teachers in the greenhouse, and we design and customize our structures to make sure you have a comfortable, climate-controlled classroom that promotes growing plants and growing minds. Our sales team brings years of experience working with high schools and colleges to help you tailor the right greenhouse to specification, for your students.

Because every project is different, we typically begin by meeting with you on-site or by phone to go over the greenhouse location and your specifications, so we can offer your school a quote. We will walk you through every step of the process, from planning and design, to construction, training, and maintenance. Beyond conception and construction, Stuppy offers K-12 educators many resources, whether parts and equipment, or product training and maintenance, to support your project long after the sale.

Our greenhouses come with the options of fan and pad cooling, heaters, or interior shade systems, to best control the growing environment. We can outfit your structure with the most advanced, automated growing systems available in the industry, offering remote access to the greenhouse; from day-and-night temperature regulation, to remote controlled irrigation, these systems free teachers from having to come in on nights and weekends. Above all, you can count on Stuppy’s structures to be safe and built to meet code, with the option of 42″ doors with push bars to accommodate disabilities, along with bench layouts and peripheral spaces designed to allow wheelchair access.

Which greenhouses are best for your school?

We’ve helped thousands of programs find the right greenhouse for their students. These are some of the most popular structures and growing systems for the greenhouse classroom:


Custom A-Frame Educational Greenhouse Classroom

The CS3, our traditional “A-frame” greenhouse, is a versatile growing space with tall sidewalls for getting the heat off of students, teachers and plants. It is an attractive addition to a high school or university campus. The CS3 is perfect as a long-term solution; designed to meet building codes, it is covered in 15 to 20-year polycarbonate and requires very little maintenance, so the teacher can concentrate on teaching and not up-keep.

Rainbow® Plus

Educational Teaching Greenhouses Classroom Covering

For educators on a tighter budget, a Quonset-style house like the Rainbow® Plus, is a solid, long-term solution that requires very little maintenance. Rounded peaks and 8′ or 10′ sidewall options provide maximum space for movement and efficient environmental control. Strong and durable with polycarbonate covering, this gutter connectable greenhouse offers a flexible design that can be tailored to your needs.

Pro-Line AeroMax®

Venlo Style Open Roof Greenhouse Educational Classroom

A great greenhouse for schools looking to invest in the latest growing technology, the Pro-Line AeroMax® has a full open roof design, giving educators another teaching point for “green” technology. Natural ventilation not only allows growers to lower cooling costs, it does so in a way that is a bit more environmentally friendly and reduces your carbon footprint.

Growing Systems

Educational Growing Systems Aquaponic Aqueduct

Beyond the greenhouse structure, consider a Stuppy Hydroponic or Aquaponic Growing System. These green, waste- and pesticide-reducing systems are designed and manufactured by our engineers, right here in Missouri. And, even better, our aquaponic system comes with a simple, 19-week STEM curriculum for the teacher to follow in the classroom. Learn more about our Educational Growing Systems or contact our Sales Team today for more information.

Questions, or ready for a quote? Our Sales Team is ready to help put together a bid with a true picture of cost, whether you are ready to buy or preparing to obtain funding. We make pricing easy, honest, and straightforward. Learn more about the Stuppy process and how we do things right.

For additional information on Educational Greenhouses and Growing Systems, visit our Grower Resources page for downloadable brochures (PDF).