Educational Aquaponic Growing Systems

Educational Growing Systems

From Aquaponics to Hydroponics, everything you need for your greenhouse classroom.

Aquaponic Growing Systems

The Aqueduct, Stuppy’s Aquaponic Growing System, is a small-scale aquaponic system engineered in-house for the greenhouse classroom. The basic system has a 5′ x 20′ footprint with a 650-gallon system, supporting up to 100 plants and 50 – 75 fish. The Aqueduct is sold as a complete growing system package with quick assembly that ships with all required components to operate the system, including floating rafts, media, starter seeds and a six-month supply of fish feed (fish not included). Learn more here about aquaponic growing.

19-week STEM Aquaponics curriculum is included with every Aqueduct. This digital format covers all aspects of aquaponics, introduces new vocabulary, poses critical thinking questions and meets NGSS standards. We invite you to request a sample here.

Hydroponic Growing Systems

NFT Growing System Vegetable Fruit

Hydroponic growing is a reliable, technology-driven method that increases efficiency while reducing crop disease and pesticide use. This method typically means faster production and reduces energy consumption. Create the ideal nutrient environment where students can work together to learn about different growing methods and how to elevate crop quality and yield, consider one of our stand-alone Hydroponic Systems including Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Ebb & Flood and Bucket based designs, which obtain their nutrients from soluble fertilizer compounds.

NFT Systems

NFT Hydroponic Growing System Table Tank
NFT Growing System Hydroponic Aquaponic

Stuppy’s NFT systems enhance the students’ education by economizing space and offering flexibility, while maximizing crop propagation and yield. We engineered our NFT system to expand with your program over time by designing modules that can be incorporated together without requiring any significant or complex alterations. The system is highly flexible, featuring an open gutter with spacing that can be tailored or removed to meet the needs of your students’ crops.

Ebb & Flood Systems

Ebb & Flood Growing System Bench
Ebb & Flood Growing System Hydroponic

With plants immersed directly in the nutrient solution, this system is a simple and effective means of greenhouse growing. Stuppy’s Ebb & Flood systems include Lifetime Technical Support, are shipped with a 75-gallon reservoir and contain all necessary plumbing and parts to get your students growing. The EF-16 and EF-32 may be used for growing seedlings through to finished plants, whether flowers, vegetables or fruits.

Bucket Systems

Dutch Bucket Hydroponic Growing System

Hydroponic Bucket Systems are ideal for growing vine type crops, such as tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. This system comes with a central reservoir and circulation pump. Each bucket has its own reservoir to provide watering between irrigation intervals. Nutrients, pH and EC can be automated with an Autogrow® dosing system.