Greenhouse Construction

Straightforward options for every grower

After final project review and approval by your team, it is time to start building! It’s good to know that as your greenhouse begins to take shape, Stuppy is prepared to see your project through to completion. From fully managed turnkey construction, to helping you fine-tune a self-build, our team will help you customize your construction approach and decide what’s right for your resources, your timeframe and your budget.

Greenhouse Construction

Turnkey Construction

Stuppy offers managed, turnkey construction of our greenhouses. By going this route, we can help you get your greenhouse up and running by acting as the general contractor and hiring subcontractors for needed work: i.e. grading, concrete, utilities, etc. From bare land to a functioning greenhouse, the project manager will be in constant contact with you as construction progresses, taking responsibility for ensuring the greenhouse is complete and done right from start to finish.

The Basic Build

When you opt for a basic build, a project manager will be your main contact throughout the entire build, managing a construction crew that comes to your location to build the greenhouse after the grading has been completed and utilities are in place. Stuppy will erect the greenhouse, putting all equipment in place so it is finished and ready, and the utility connections are then completed by your local contractor.

The Self-Build

When you choose the self-build, you are responsible for constructing your greenhouse. With every greenhouse we supply straight-forward, easy-to-read construction drawings that lay out the materials and the construction sequence. Our detailed plans and documents are drafted on-site with the customer in mind. If you choose the self-build, you can count on our construction-friendly plans to get you through the process. If you need to reach out for assistance, Stuppy is always available to help you with questions and advice during construction.

When planning to construct, it’s Good to Know…

  • Stuppy provides a dedicated Project Manager as your single point-of-contact throughout the project
  • Our professional greenhouse builders bring deep experience from thousands of builds
  • Our construction team prioritizes fast, open communication
  • We’re ready to customize your construction needs
Commercial Quonset Greenhouse Construction
Self Build Greenhouse Construction
Turn key greenhouse construction