Greenhouse Hemp

Grow Hemp in a Greenhouse for Faster Turns

Commercial hemp production is a dynamic and growing market in North America. While primarily grown for CBD and CBG oil, hemp is used in health foods, nutraceuticals and organic body care, clothing and textiles, construction materials, paper, biofuel, plastic composites and more.

Growing hemp in a greenhouse can transform your business by giving you greater control of the environment for healthy crops and higher yields. No matter what area of hemp cultivation you specialize in, whether transplanting, cloning, seed production or flower production, Stuppy can design a complete greenhouse for you. Our structures are engineered and manufactured in-house and tailored to your needs with environmental controls, automation options and overall crop protection, giving your business a competitive edge in a fast-moving industry. We offer custom solutions, backed by excellent customer service, an expert sales staff who get things right for each project, and the resources it takes to see your greenhouse through to completion.

Controlled Environment Hemp Greenhouses

Custom Greenhouses with Space to Grow

Our dependable Rainbow® Plus and CS3 greenhouses are great matches for hemp production.

Rainbow® Plus is designed for the toughest weather conditions and is ideal for high-end finished flower, feminized seed, liner/clone and transplant production. Crops will thrive under complete environmental control, and sidewall options up to 10’ will allow the crops to be grown to within 2’ of the sidewall. Rainbow (rounded-arch) or diamond (peaked-arch) roof options reduce heated surface area and increase summer cooling efficiency. Direct connection of bows to columns accommodate higher loads. A flexible and affordable choice that can grow with you, with gutter connection for more square footage within a limited space.

Greenhouse Hemp Gutter Connected Controlled Environment

CS3 is a traditional A-frame greenhouse, perfect for high-end finished flower, feminized seed production and liner/clone production. Engineered to adapt to a wide range of standard sizes, it allows for a custom design that can be tailored to meet your needs. The gutter connectable CS3 is designed for metal or polycarbonate coverings, accommodating wide bays with tall sidewalls for maximum environmental control. Available widths up to 50’, 16’ gutter heights and standard 12’ truss spacing easily houses light deprivation and curtain systems.

Hemp Greenhouse Controlled Environment Light Deprivation

Benefits of Greenhouse Grown Hemp

Exposure to the elements through outdoor growing can have devastating results on your investment or limit crop production by season. The benefits of greenhouse grown hemp open new possibilities:

  • Tighter control of the growing environment, light, wind and soil conditions.
  • Temperature control suited for hemp, which loves a warm climate with some humidity. Stuppy’s Heat2O Hydronic Heat line heats the soil at the root zone, enveloping the plant to promote higher seed germination rates, accelerated rooting in young plants and increased plant growth for quicker crop turns.
  • Control daytime temps and light with custom Curtain Systems from Stuppy. A slope-flat-slope configuration offers maximum clearance for equipment and ventilation and can be tailored to meet your needs. Choose from a wide selection of standard sizes and fabrics ranging from 15% to 70% shade.
  • Controlled lighting allows for light-deprivation or increased lighting to induce flowering.
  • Increased turns. While most outside growers are limited to a single crop rotation per year, greenhouse production will result in 2 to 3 crop rotations in a year, with a higher yield of product to send to market.
  • Filtered air to avoid cross-pollination.
  • Vertical integration for seed to sale capability.
  • Reduced planting costs that increase your ROI.
  • Increased pest and pollination control.

We’ll help you complete your growing environment with top-quality products from leading greenhouse equipment companies in the industry, including a range of heaters, fans with shutters, HAF fans and exterior shade cloths for more intense summer climates.

Greenhouse Grown Hemp

For additional information, visit our Grower Resources page for downloadable brochures (PDF).