From bedding plants and tropicals, to potted plants and hanging baskets, Stuppy has the right designs for your horticulture business. Each basic greenhouse design is customizable to accommodate today’s horticultural grower, allowing for the suspension of the latest technology, shade systems, and weather resistance, while offering growers multiple budget-friendly options for their crops.


Commercial Greenhouse A-Frame Floriculture Horticulture

The CS3 is our traditional A-frame greenhouse, designed to be easily adapted to a wide range of standard sizes, allowing for a custom design that can be tailored to meet your unique growing needs. Standard 12-foot truss spacing easily houses trolley systems, rolling benches, doors, fans and evaporative cooling installations, giving commercial growers versatility at every stage of production.

Rainbow® Super

Commercial Quonset Greenhouse Horticulture Floriculture

Horticulture growers producing high volume crops that require a large, strong, and adaptable growing space should consider the Rainbow® Super. Easy to build with a flexible base design, 12’ or 14’ sidewall options provide plenty of space to grow taller varieties and keep them cool. The Rainbow Super is an ideal choice for “factory” plant production, offering an economical option for a large, gutter-connected greenhouse. It is also versatile, able to accommodate tall crops, horticulture and produce growing under the same roof, and it is a strong workhorse that will give growers many years of service.

Rainbow® Plus

Commercial Quonset Gutter Connected Horticulture Greenhouse

Offering versatility for small and large-scale horticulture growers, the Rainbow® Plus is an affordable, long-lasting greenhouse. With Rainbow (rounded-arch) or Diamond (peaked-arch) profile options, these low-profile roof lines reduce heated surface area and increase summer cooling efficiency. Direct connection of bows to columns through the Y and L connectors accommodates higher loads. A greenhouse for the toughest weather conditions.


Cold Frame Hoop House Nursery Greenhouse

The PowerHouse® is a highly serviceable and versatile option for horticulture crops. It can function as a fully climate-controlled greenhouse just as well as an economical, high tunnel/cold frame structure. The PowerHouse offers the best in strength and flexibility, a solid choice for young plant growers and wholesale growers alike.

Heat2O Hydronic Heat

Stuppy’s Heat2O Hydronic Heat line heats the soil at the root zone, enveloping the plant to promote higher seed germination rates, accelerated rooting in young plants and increased plant growth for quicker crop turns. We have several solutions that give you precise control of soil temperature from the bench or the floor.

Shade Systems / Energy Curtain

Motorized Interior Shade System Greenhouse Cooling

Increase your control over light, cooling and heat levels for successful crop production year-round. Stuppy’s internal Shade Systems manage energy loss during cool nights and throughout the winter, lowering the “ceiling” of the greenhouse and the heat required to warm the house. Our custom options designed in-house and manufactured to your growing specifications — learn more about how our Shade Systems can work for you.

For additional information, visit our Grower Resources page for downloadable brochures (PDF).