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Heat2O Hydronic Heat

Hydronic Heat in the Greenhouse

Looking to maximize heating efficiency in the greenhouse? It’s good to know Stuppy.

Heat2O Hydronic Heat is designed in-house to give growers even control of soil temperature. When it comes to healthy plant growth, heating the soil makes all the difference. With hydronic heat, hot water is circulated through rubber tubing at the root zone, which results in the direct and even distribution of radiant heat that gently brings soil to the desired temperature. By warming the plant soil instead of the greenhouse, hydronic heat stays where it needs to be – surrounding the plant like an envelope. Better plant quality, less disease, higher yield, and shorter crop times result in more profits for you. More economical than conventional forced-air heating, hydronic heat offers up to 20% in fuel savings and gives greater flexibility, allowing growers to create different temperature zones, all under one roof.

Stuppy provides a range of hydronic heat options to suit every grower’s needs.

On the bench heat hydronic environmental control

Bench Heat (Heat2O-BT Hydronic Heat)

Bench tube heat provides on-the-bench heating options for any grower, from higher seed germination to accelerated rooting in young plant production. Growers can use this flexible system set on 2 or 3-inch centers to create different temperature zones for crops in the same growing environment. Made from high quality, flexible EPDM tubing that withstands UV light, fertilizers and extreme temperatures.

Aluminum Fin Under Bench Hydronic Heat Controlled Environment

Under-Bench Fin Heat (Heat2O-UBF Hydronic Heat)

Under-bench aluminum fin heat provides radiant heat and natural convection. As water warms the aluminum fins, they radiate a canopy of heat around the bench, enveloping the soil, roots and foliage of the crop. Using water temperatures of up to 230F, under-bench heat distributes evenly and gives you more precise temperature control. It is a versatile option, with lightweight material and rugged construction that make installation and configuration easy. If a greenhouse is 80% benched, under-bench fin heat can add a significant amount to the overall BTU heating load of the structure.

Hydronic Ground Heat Controlled Growing Environment

Ground Heat (Heat2O-GT Hydronic Heat)

Ground tube heating works in gravel, sand or soil to accelerate rooting and plant growth through radiant heat at the ground level. EPDM rubber tubes spaced at 4 to 6-inches generate even heat, providing a flexible and affordable choice for growers. Ground heat offers a wide range of options to increase yields in general growing in the nursery industry, starter houses and for growing vegetables.

Floor Heat (Heat2O-PT Hydronic Heat)

PEX tube heating offers in-ground radiant heat. Installed directly in the concrete, PEX tube heating is crafted from ultra-durable, cross-linked high-density polyethylene, giving growers and retailers an efficient and cost-effective heating option that will endure the toughest greenhouse conditions. With high corrosion resistance, PEX-tube heat resists freeze-breakage, acidic water and scale build-up. Heat plants directly at the root-zone and control multiple temperature-zones at once. Perfect for large production facilities and retail garden centers looking to create a comfortable shopping environment.

Hydronic Heating Systems

All Heat2O options can be built as a system to control the environment for your crops. Stuppy’s Heat2O Hydronic Heat systems come with all the equipment needed to circulate water between the tubes and the heat source; from piping and water treatment, to a digital controller and bench material. The system can combine fin or tubing with either a grower-supplied hot water heater (when the bench growing area is under 450 sq ft), or a boiler for larger growing areas, which can be supplied by Stuppy.