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In the Know, November 2022

Reduce Worry by Winterizing Your Greenhouse

Time spent now means money saved and a better night’s sleep. Learn more.

Stuppy Internal Shade Systems Save Heat and Dollars

Energy curtains, also known as thermal curtains, are one way to manage energy loss during cool nights and throughout the winter. Learn more.

Previous Issues

In the Know, September 2022

Prioritize Your Goals When Upgrading Your Greenhouse

The decision to upgrade your greenhouse is a big one. Where do you start? Who do you hire? How soon will the improvements lead to cost savings? Each greenhouse operation has its own needs based on its size, the crops grown and where it is located, but the process of identifying those needs is the same. Learn more.

Heat2O-BT Hydronic Heat Produces Better Crops and Saves Money

Research shows root zone heating can provide 25% to 50% of the total heat needs of the greenhouse, depending upon the climate. By delivering heat directly to the roots, the overall greenhouse temperature can be reduced, saving up to 20% to 30% of fuel costs. Learn more.

CEA greenhouse structures systems newsletter

In the Know, July 2022

Five Ways to Beat Rising Production Costs

Lowering production costs and increasing efficiency is increasingly important as labor, energy and input costs from pots to pesticides are getting more expensive. Fuel and energy costs alone are up more than 30% over last year. Fortunately, there are tried-and true-strategies that will help minimize those costs, and in some cases, realize significant savings. Learn more.

Introducing Heat2O Under-Bench Fin Heat

Learn how a Heat2O UBF hydronic heat system is more fuel efficient, creates healthier, faster-growing plants, and combats rising energy costs by putting heat on or under the bench for more uniform root-zone temperatures.