Reduce Costs with Heat2O Under-Bench Fin Heat

Optimize Savings and Growth by Heating from the Bottom Up

Skyrocketing energy costs mean wasted heat is especially painful to the pocketbook this year. Put the heat where it needs to be – on the roots and in the air directly surrounding the plants. It is more fuel efficient, and it also creates healthier, faster-growing plants. Putting heat on or under the bench creates a more uniform root-zone temperature, which means better germination and root growth.

Stuppy Greenhouse is a leading supplier of hydronic (hot water) heating systems, which can be used as on bench, under-bench, ground or floor heat. New to the product line in 2022 is the Heat2O-UBF hydronic heat system. UBF means under-bench fin heat, and it uses radiant heat from aluminum fins to directly target the root zone.

Hydronic Heat Under Bench Aluminum Fin Water heated to temperatures up to 230°F circulates through lightweight, aluminum fins that hang about 15″ under the bench. Radiant heat provided by the fins moves upward through the root zone and around the plants, enveloping them in warm air at a consistent temperature. Benching in the greenhouse should be at 80% for maximum efficiency.

Lightweight material and rugged construction make installation and configuration easy. UBF heat provides growers the flexibility to create different bench temperature zones in the same greenhouse. The amount of water circulating in the system is relatively small, so temperature adjustments can be made easily.

For more information on how Heat2O-UBF Hydronic Heat system can be customized for your operation, contact Stuppy’s experienced sales team.

The Heat2O-UBF Hydronic Heat system is engineered and manufactured by Stuppy in the USA. Learn more about how Heat2O Hydronic Heat can benefit your growing operation.