The CS3 Greenhouse is Easily Adaptable for Production or Retail

Row of A-frame greenhouses commercial educational growing

Stuppy’s CS3 greenhouse is available in a wide range of easily adapted sizes.

A traditional “A” frame greenhouse, the CS3 fuses beauty with superior strength and quality construction. Designed for rigid or corrugated metal coverings, it accommodates single or double-roof motorized vents. Standard 12′ truss spacing easily houses trolley systems, rolling benches, doors, fans and evaporative cooling installations. The CS3 is perfect for horticulture and retail garden centers, as it is easily adapted to a wide range of standard sizes to suit your unique growing needs.

Stuppy Greenhouse has decades of experience designing and building greenhouses that give you maximum control over the growing environment. Whether you’re growing in 2,000 sq. ft. or 1 million sq. ft., our knowledgeable staff will work with you to customize the ideal structure with efficiencies and controls to ensure the success of your crops.