Stuppy’s custom cold-frame greenhouses are ideal for nurseries propagating and hardening off young plants. Our typical nursery growers look for structures to house perennials and woody plants, however our greenhouses can be designed to accommodate much more, including transplants and containerized plants. From fully controlled environments to shade houses and insect screened spaces, we can build your nursery structures to suit your needs. We know that nursery operations must be able to easily move plants and people, and we partner directly with you during the design phase to incorporate an efficient plan that works for you.

Polar Series

Hoop House Cold Frame Nursery

Our Polar and Polar Cub cold-frame greenhouses are the ideal low-cost solution for over-wintering crops. These structures are versatile and can be used as a shade structure or summer storage during the “off-season,” while a gothic roof profile will easily shed rain and snow.


Nursery Greenhouse Cold Frame Hoop House

The PowerHouse® is a highly serviceable and versatile option for nurseries. It can function as a fully climate-controlled greenhouse just as well as an economical, high tunnel/cold frame structure. The PowerHouse offers the best in strength and flexibility, a solid choice for young plant growers and wholesale growers alike.


Venlo Style Open Roof Greenhouse Nursery

Consider the Pro-Line AeroMax®, as a flexible Venlo style greenhouse for nursery growers who need maximum lighting, open-roof technology or shade/blackout systems. Perfect for production, as well as display and retail, the Pro-Line AeroMax greenhouse offers open roof options, allowing for polycarbonate panel roofing and natural ventilation of your nursery crops.

Heat2O Hydronic Heat

Hydronic Heat On Bench

Bench Heat

Bench tube heat provides an on-the-bench heating option that is ideal for nurseries, promoting both higher seed germination and accelerated rooting in young plant production. Nursery growers can use this flexible system set on 2 or 3-inch centers to create different temperature zones for crops in the same growing environment. Made from high quality, flexible EPDM tubing that withstands UV light, fertilizers and extreme temperatures. Learn more about our complete line of Heat2O Hydronic Heat options.

Hoop House Cold Frame Greenhouse
Venlo Style Open Roof Nursery Greenhouse
Cold Frame Nursery Greenhouse Hoop House

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