Polar Series

Economical, year-round cold frame protection

The Polar Series cold-frame greenhouses provide economical protection for crops, allowing you to efficiently over-winter at a lower cost than a multi-purpose greenhouse. The Polar and Polar Cub are designed for easy construction, with bows that slip over their in-ground columns, and a bracket ridge connector to simplify purlin placement. The Polar’s gothic roof profiles are designed to easily shed rain and snow, all year-round.

Use it as a shade structure or summer storage during the off-season. Convert it into an over-wintering structure by removing the shade cloth.

Cold Frame Hoop House Nursery Greenhouse

Polar Series Standard Specifications

  • 3’3″ sidewall height
  • 16′ and 20′ widths
  • 96’ lengths only
  • 4′ or 6′ bow and column spacing
  • 1.66″ O.D. steel columns and bows (Polar)
  • 1.315″ O.D. steel columns and bows (Polar Cub)
  • 30″ in-ground columns
  • Metal ends not available
Cold Frame Hoop House Nursery Greenhouse