Greenhouses for institutional or commercial production.

Venlo Style Open Roof Greenhouse

The Pro-Line Series offers flexible Venlo-style greenhouses for commercial growers who need maximum lighting, open-roof ventilation or shade/light-deprivation systems. Pro-Line greenhouses are designed to accommodate the latest in leading-edge growing technology: the AeroMax® employs open-roof technology to best harness advances in natural lighting and cooling, while the Fortress is built for easy-installation of automated shade/blackout systems, watering systems or overhead cranes.

Pro-Line AeroMax®

Venlo Style Open Roof Greenhouse

The Pro-Line AeroMax® gives growers all the advantages of open-roof technology without sacrificing flexibility of a true greenhouse. Known for quality volume production, as well as display and retail, this structure provides natural lighting and ventilation options for your crops. Stuppy has incorporated condensation control into the vent frame extrusions, allowing for corrugated polycarbonate, acrylic and 8mm polycarbonate roof options. Direct-drive and indirect-drive roof operation is available.

The AeroMax® is a dynamic growing space where growers can naturally ventilate crops, harden off nursery/bedding plants, grow hemp where cross-pollination is not an issue, or create a unique and attractive institutional or retail environment.

Pro-Line Fortress

Venlo Style Greenhouse High Sidewalls

The Fortress is designed for growers who need maximum clearance and sidewall height for specific growing applications. A steel bar joist girder frame supports 12’-wide arched peaks covered with double-layer polyethylene film. Bows are 1.66” O.D. – 15-gauge steel tubing, spaced 6’ on center (4’ on center optional). A low roof profile makes it easier to cover and minimizes exposure to wind, helping to reduce heating costs. The Fortress’ strong frame supports automated screening applications and overhead equipment installations.

Pro-Line Standard Specifications

  • 12’, 14’, and 16’ standard sidewall heights (other heights available)
  • Standard 12’ column and truss spacing
  • Standard 24’ and 36’ widths
  • Galvanized steel structure
  • 2” x 4” and 4” x 4” columns
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel bar joists
  • Hot-dip galvanized 12-gauge steel gutter
  • Aluminum open-roof vent frame (AeroMax Only)
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Venlo Style Open Roof Garden Center Greenhouse
Venlo Style Open Roof Greenhouse