Rainbow® Plus: Transplant

Offering all the best of the Rainbow® Plus, the Rainbow® Plus: Transplant is designed for growers in need of a greenhouse that makes harvesting efficient and gives enough square footage for seedlings and transplants. By widening the house to a standard 35’, there is more space for plants and watering booms, increasing efficiency. When combined with Stuppy T-rails and drop curtains, every square inch of the greenhouse’s space can be used, with easy harvesting directly from the sidewall. When designed for transplant, the Rainbow® Plus’s versatility allows growers to cover any seedlings, plugs or transplants, from 1,000 to 1 million square feet.

Commercial Quonset Greenhouse Transplant

Rainbow® Plus: Transplant Standard Specifications

  • 35’ structure width
  • 6’ sidewall height
  • 6’ column and truss spacing
  • 2.875” O.D. – 13-gauge 60/70 KSI columns
  • 1.90” O.D. – 14-gauge 50/65 KSI arch steel
  • 1.315” O.D. – 16-gauge 50/55 KSI purlin
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Greenhouse Sidewalls Transplant Commercial Production