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Research Greenhouses

When it comes to research and institutional greenhouses, Stuppy knows that every project is unique. Our dedicated, in-house team of engineers is ready to work with you to design a versatile growing environment specific to your needs, with custom-built equipment that gives the grower total control of the environment. Whether you’re looking to build a research facility with a tightly controlled environment, such as a university, government, or private research institution, or construct an open and welcoming greenhouse for a botanical garden, estate garden, or zoo, Stuppy is prepared to take on your project.

Our commitment to providing you with state-of-the-art technology and quality service hasn’t changed. With Stuppy you get unmatched experience from a team of experts ready to help you from the early stages of the project design through to the end of construction. It’s good to know your project will be designed and built to spec in collaboration with a team that has the experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm to guide you through every step of the process.

Getting Started

Our most popular greenhouses for research institutions, the CS3 and the Pro-Line, each provide solid starting points from which to customize and outfit your facility, to spec:

A-frame gutter connected research institutional botanicalgreenhouse

The CS3 is a traditional A-frame greenhouse, with a classic and elegant design that is easily adapted to a wide range of standard sizes. As with all Stuppy greenhouses, the CS3 can be custom designed to meet your unique needs, including high-tech growing equipment to provide complete environmental control. Standard 12-foot truss spacing easily houses trolley systems, rolling benches, doors, fans and evaporative cooling installations, offering your institution versatility at every stage.

Research Institution Greenhouse Venlo Style

The Pro-Line AeroMax® is a flexible, Venlo style greenhouse for spaces that require maximum lighting, open-roof technology, or shade/blackout systems. With a gorgeous, open space that lends itself naturally to the movement of people, public interaction, or display, the Pro-Line AeroMax® greenhouse also offers open roof options. This “green” technology allows for polycarbonate panel roofing and natural ventilation, keeping both energy consumption and heating/cooling costs at a minimum. 

The CS3 and the Pro-Line AeroMax® are ideal for:

  • Universities and colleges
  • Research facilities (such as government, crop, chemical, and pharmaceutical)
  • Public parks and zoos
  • Botanical gardens
  • Estate gardens and arboretums
  • Butterfly houses

Learn more about the Stuppy process and how we do things right.

For additional information, visit our Grower Resources page for downloadable brochures (PDF).

A-frame gutter connected institutional botanical researchgreenhouse