Retail Garden Center

With spaces that are frequented by customers, Stuppy knows retailers need a greenhouse that can support plant material and sell it from the same location. Greenhouses such as the CS3, a traditional “A-line” greenhouse, do double-duty for retail – showcasing varieties in a clean and inviting atmosphere, while also fostering healthy and gorgeous finished plants. When the beauty of the greenhouse is as important as its efficiency, and growers must consider both plant and customer movement, Stuppy will work with you to design a greenhouse that attracts customers, maintains beautiful plants and helps you grow your business.


A-Frame Retail Garden Center Greenhouse

The CS3 is our traditional A-frame greenhouse, engineered to easily adapt to a wide range of standard sizes, allowing for a custom design that can be tailored to meet your unique needs. With standard 12-foot truss spacing, the CS3 fuses beauty with superior strength and quality construction, designed to provide an attractive retail space that will accommodate the movement of products and customers.

Pro-Line Series

Venlo Style Open Roof Retail Garden Center Greenhouse

The Pro-Line series, offers flexible Venlo style greenhouses for retailers. Perfect for display and retail, the Pro-line AeroMax greenhouse provides ‘green’ open roof options, allowing for polycarbonate panel roofing and natural ventilation of your plants. For retailers who need maximum clearance and sidewall height, the Pro-Line Fortress is an ideal option. A low roof profile minimizes exposure to wind, while the frame supports automated screening programs, and shade and blackout systems.

For additional information, visit our Grower Resources page for downloadable brochures (PDF).