Greenhouse shade system indoor motorized temp control

Shade Systems / Energy Curtains

Flexible Light and Temperature Control

Stuppy Shade/Energy Curtains give greenhouse growers increased control over light, cooling and heat levels needed to produce successful crops, year after year.

Also known as thermal curtains, they manage energy loss during cool nights and throughout the winter. Energy curtains lower the “ceiling” of the greenhouse, reducing the amount of heat required to warm the house. Depending on the material, they can also double as shade curtains, allowing control over light levels.

Stuppy’s Internal Shade systems are designed in-house and manufactured to your growing specifications. Combining easy installation with complete truss-to-truss incremental coverage, each system can accommodate most interior shade/energy curtain fabrics.

Motorized Interior Shade System Greenhouse Cooling

Each system features motorized controls that operate the curtain based on light level or temperature. Our automated systems typically follow the roof line and are provided as a slope-flat-slope configuration to allow extra clearance for equipment and overall ventilation. With this system, potential energy savings could reach 30% to 40% (depending on cloth type) by closing during the day or at night to conserve energy and reduce heat loss. Control light levels with shade fabrics that range from 15% to 70%.

With a wide range of standard sizes, let us design a system to fit your needs.

Stuppy Shade System – Standard Specifications

  • Width ranges from 18’ – 50’
  • Column to column spacing from 10’ – 12’
  • Single system greenhouse length ranges from 60’ – 180’
  • Incremental settings
  • Wide variety of shade fabrics
  • Manufactured to spec for each system
Greenhouse Shade Systems Light Deprivation Greenhouse DEP

Light Deprivation and Curtain Systems for Hemp

At Stuppy, we work with hemp growers to craft fully automated systems that control the exact amount of light your plants receive, keeping temps cool and daytime light just right. With custom slope-flat-slope and flat configurations, our systems offer multiple options for equipment and ventilation, with a wide selection of standard sizes and fabrics ranging from 15% to full light-deprivation conditions.

Flat Shade Systems Frame seasonal retail large production
Flat Shade Systems Frame seasonal retail large production

Flat Shade Systems

SunMaster outside shade frames are designed to cover retail areas and large production facilities. Each shade structure is supported using wire tension and designed to meet varying loads created by wind. A great option for outdoor production requiring shade for spring and summer outdoor retail, these coverings should be removed during winter months to avoid ice and snow build up, which can cause structural damage.

Flat Shade System – Standard Specifications

  • 9’ and 10’ sidewall height standard (12’ available)
  • 10’ column spacing on outside perimeter
  • 20’ column spacing on interior runs
  • 90” O.D. members
  • 40” O.D. members options available
  • Sold in multiples of 20’ widths and lengths
  • Perimeter cable optional
Exterior Shade Coverings A-Frame Greenhouse

Exterior Shade Coverings

Over-the-roof coverings provide an alternative, with either a black, heat-reflecting white, or aluminum shade cloth. The over-the-roof cloth is available in black (woven or knitted) with tape and grommets sized for the greenhouse roof.