Controlled Environment Agriculture

We know growing, from the roots to the rooftops. Whether designing efficient greenhouse structures or training you on sustainable and environmentally-friendly growing systems, Stuppy knows all about it. We engineer structures, and aquaponic and hydroponic systems to meet the unique needs of each customer. Our experts will work with you to choose the right greenhouse and design a complete growing system tailored to your crops, your business and your needs.

Greenhouse agriculture is a diverse and rapidly growing market in size and technology, and Stuppy is prepared to help your business move forward with our flexible greenhouses and innovative growing systems. Stuppy’s custom greenhouses are designed to accommodate a variety of needs; whether you are growing vegetables, herbs or berries, or using aquaponics or hydroponics, your crops will thrive under ideal growing conditions.

Rainbow® Series

Produce growers will find the greatest flexibility with the Rainbow® series: Super, Plus and Plus Transplant.

Rainbow® Super

Commercial Quonset Greenhouse Vegetable Growers

The Rainbow® Super is easy to build with a flexible base design and 12’ sidewalls that offer plenty of space to grow and ventilate multiple varieties. It is an ideal choice for “factory” plant production. With a spacious, customizable design, it is an economical option for a large, gutter-connected greenhouse, offering maximum movement and ample room to install hydroponic and aquaponic growing systems.

Rainbow® Plus

Commercial Quonset Greenhouse Controlled Environment Agriculture Growing Systems

The Rainbow® Plus is popular among commercial growers looking for versatility, efficiency and dependability. From small to large produce crops, the Rainbow Plus increases your environmental control, particularly summer cooling, with a choice of low-profile rooflines.

Rainbow® Plus Transplant

Transplant Harvesting Seedlings Vegetable Growers

For growers looking for a wide space designed for harvesting, seedlings and transplants, consider the Rainbow® Plus Transplant. By widening the greenhouse to a standard 35’, we have increased watering boom efficiency of hydroponic systems. Combined with Stuppy “T” rails and drop curtains, the entire greenhouse can be used and easily harvested from the sidewall.

Heat2O Hydronic Heat

Hydronic Heat Under Bench Aluminum Fin

Under-Bench Fin Heat

Under-bench aluminum fin heat provides radiant heat and natural convection. As water warms the aluminum fins, they radiate a canopy of heat around the bench, enveloping the soil, roots and foliage of the crop. Using water temperatures of up to 230F, under-bench heat distributes evenly and gives you more precise temperature control. It is a versatile option, with lightweight material and rugged construction that make installation and configuration easy. Learn more about our complete line of Heat2O Hydronic Heat options.

For additional information, visit our Grower Resources page for downloadable brochures (PDF).